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Representation before Federal, State and Tribal agencies, Congress, universities and organizations
Penny Coleman offers years of experience in general Indian law and gaming law. Since Coleman Indian Law was established in 2011, Ms Coleman provided litigation assistance on a successful Supreme Court case, served as an expert witness and a gaming commission chair, and provided advice on Indian Nation matters including federal acknowledgment, Indian lands and tribal-state compacts. She currently serves on a judicial oversight commission.    From 1994 to 2010, Ms Coleman served as Acting General Counsel and Deputy General Counsel of the National Indian Gaming Commission which serves as the federal regulator of Indian gaming. Prior to 1994, she worked for the Division of Indian Affairs, Office of the Solicitor in the Department of the Interior. She advised and represented the Secretary and Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs on education, social services, gaming, child protection, NEPA, ANCSA, ISDA, federal acknowledgment, other tribal government and general law issues and IBIA, state and federal litigation.   Ms Coleman is a graduate of the University of South Dakota School of Law and licensed in Virginia. LinkedIn profile for Ms. Coleman:
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